Marlin Business Bank® Overview

  • Serving businesses nationwide - large and small
  • A secure and financially stable institution
  • Built on a foundation which focuses on value and service excellence

Marlin has been supporting the business community since opening in 2008. We understand the needs of both young businesses climbing the ladder to stability and success, as well as the established company who is building market position.

Marlin Business Bank provides a solid and stable option for your money with strong returns. Marlin Business Bank is well capitalized and financially stable. Marlin is a leader in the business community and is built on a foundation of reliability and focused on providing high levels of customer service. The Bank's headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.


As an FDIC-insured institution, Marlin Business Bank is here to help you build your wealth confidently and securely.

Our bank holding company, Marlin Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ: MRLN) has been providing financial products to businesses nationwide since 1997. Explore Marlin Business Bank's variety of business CD products, which offer good value AND are secured by the FDIC. Invest your business savings with an institution who has the experience and expertise in supporting the business community.